MARVEL: Realm of Champions (offical page)


Project description:

A real-time 3v3 multiplayer action RPG with a focus on champion customization


UI/UX designer, illustrator
Layout exploration for our gear customization feature

Frame exploration and asset creation

Visual design exploration for Objectives and Alliance system


Store offers were unclear, not exciting to browse, and not easy to purchase.


Redesign existing store layout to make screen more informative and exciting to encourage player spending

Activities performed:

User flows, wireframes, mockups, placeholder art, icons, annotations, slicing and exporting assets for engineers, polishing in game engine
Mapping out user flow of offers

Wireframing and identifying purchase flow for different offer type

Annotation example for engineer and QA

LEFT: Old design RIGHT: New design

There was no area other than mail messages to promote new in-game offers and events.


Redesigning Home screen to include an area for banners. This allows Live Operations to better promote events, store offers, important updates to game

Activities performed:

Wireframes, mockups, slicing and exporting assets for engineers, annotations

Visual design exploration for our player progression system called Summoners Journey and icon concepts

HUD icon exploration for champion ability and various glyph icons

Badging system for player portrait and colour concepts for active/inactive synergy boosts

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